Concrete triple round edge Countertop Edge Form
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Concrete triple round edge Countertop Edge Form

Product Information

Includes: 1 triple round bevel top & bottom Countertop Form Liner

    • 1 triple round Edge form liner
    • 8' x 2"

Directions for use:

  • Place on melamine or non stick surface and either silicone or pin nail in place to melamine holes will dissapear after removal
  • Silicone bottom of the Edge Form Liner  to create a water-tight seal between mold and surface.
  • Use form release for ease of removal
  • Vibrate mold & Form Liner to remove air pockets using palm sander, or concrete vibrator


Stamp Features

    • Made out of polyurethane
    • Great for poor in place or pre-cast countertops
    • Great for pool coping and step liners
    • Re-usable
    • Last a lifetime
    • Splice multiple liners together with silicone


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