All MESH Bubble Concentrate Bags Ice Extractor 5 Gallon 3 Bag
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All MESH Bubble Concentrate Bags Ice Extractor 5 Gallon 3 Bag

Product Information

Includes: 3 Piece 5 gallon bubble bag set

  • 3 Heavy Duty All Mesh Bubble bags
  • Red 220 Micron
  • Green 73 Micron
  • Brown 25 Micron
  • Features

  • 3 bag kits allow you to separate your herbal extract into 2 different sizes
  • Many plants strains have different crystal sizes our different size bags allow separation into different size crystal grades.
  • Removing dust, leaf and other contamination and holds all the finest and smallest high quality herbal crystals, making sure no crystals escape.
  • Durable waterproof coated material
  • Built-in flexible cord for binding the filled bag
  • Corresponding color and label for each micron screen
  • Different sized layers for filtering herbal resins into different grades
  • German mono-filament screen technology
  • Triple stitched for extra strength and longevity
  • Material coating is PVC free to prevent flaking & chipping after several uses
  • May be Re-used time and time again
  • Guaranteed for any manufacturers defects
  • For legal use only!

  • Instructions

    • Obtain 2 buckets
    • Place your 220 micron work bag in bucket #1
    • Fill bucket with cold water enough to cover the bag
    • Add your dried or frozen plant trimmings
    • Fill bucket with ice to the top of the bags
    • Recommended ratio 10lb ice to 1 gallon of water with 5 gallon bucket
    • Stir the ice and plant trimmings for 15 to 20 minutes and let sit & settle for 30 minutes
    • Place remaining bags into 2nd bucket, starting with the 25 micron and ending with the 190 micron bag
    • Remove work bag from bucket #1 and poor remaining water through bags lined in bucket #2
    • Pull out the bags one by one, draining away the water
    • Use spoon or small scoop to remove plant extract from the bottom of each bag
    • Use spray bottle to spray remaining material of sides of bag to the bottom of the bag
    • Use Pressing screen to separate & dry herbal extract
    • Hand wash bags with cold water to remove any leftover residue

    Tips for best results (Nikka T method)

    • For best results and longevity of bags do not mix in extraction bags(10-190) use separate mixing bucket.
    • Mix in one bucket with 220 micron work bag,Then transfer liquid to another bucket lined with your extraction bags (10-190)
    • Mixing in extraction bags stretches the material causing holes and leaks in micron screen
    • Use of power drills and electric mixers in not recommended.
    • Use light agitation to achieve the purest product.
    • If using bubble machine drain contents through work bags once machine completes cycle.
    • Run dry material 1-3 minutes, frozen/wet material 6 to 12 minutes
    • Less water is better, 10lb bag of ice use 1 gallon of water
    • In general different plant have different trichome sizes
    • Do not press extract set and dry overnight on drying screen
    • Pressing extract breaks trichome heads degrading product

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