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Oxygen Sensor Simulator / MIL Eliminator / O2 Bypass

This is for One MIL

OFF ROAD And Race Use Only!!

Fits all vehicles 1996 and up With OBD-II:




WARNING: Removing or defeating of a vehicle emissions system may be prohibited in your State or Country. Please check your local State laws.


Chevrolet, Acura, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Suzuki Dodge, Eagle, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Infinity, Isuzu, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Saturn, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, And Volvo



Common signs that you may need a mil Eliminator

    • Have you installed after market headers or off road exhaust system and now your check engine light is on?
    • Is your check engine light on because of removed or damaged catalytic converters?
    • your cars computer triggering P0420 and P0430 codes.
    • Your Vehicle is in Limp Mode and is consuming a lot more fuel.

Mil Eliminators:

    • Return your engine to the proper factory setting of 14:7:1 that is required for your vehicle to run properly.
    • If your catalectic converter is bad and is causing your check engine light (P0420 and P0430 codes) to come on this will eliminate the faulty check engine light.
    • Mil eliminators will work on any foreign/domestic vehicle with a rear O2 sensor (1996-2006 OBD-II computers only).
    • Eliminate Limp Mode caused by faulty o2 readings.


Click Below To see a list of vehicles that Mil eliminators will NOT work on.


If you have installed an aftermarket exhaust system and now your check engine light is on:

Mil Eliminators will also Help When aftermarket exhaust systems trigger faulty 02 sensor readings, your Malfunction Indicator Light ("Check Engine") comes on - and stays on. Unplugging the 02 sensors won't correct the problem. MIL Eliminators correct faulty exhaust codes while preserving your 02 sensor signals, as well as all other MIL code triggers. If you're adding new headers, H-pipe, X-pipe, or other exhaust parts to your vehicle Mil Eliminators can help. If you already have non-stock exhaust, MIL Eliminators are the fastest safest way to get that "Check Engine" light off!

About OBD-II Computers

All vehicles produced after 1996 which were subject to OBDII regulations, must test for and report a failed catalytic converter. A failure is reported by turning on the MIL (check engine light), and logging an error on the OBDII diagnostic port. This test is performed by means of a set(s) of oxygen sensors that monitor the oxygen levels in the exhaust gasses before and after the catalytic converter(s). Specific details in the signals tell the on-board computer if the catalytic converter is operating efficiently or needs replacement. Furthermore, other signals tell the on-board computer about the health of the oxygen sensors used to monitor the catalytic converter efficiency.

Typically, anyone wishing to use one of these OBDII vehicles for off-road racing, whether on the track or on the trail, would want to remove the power robbing catalytic converter(s) from their exhaust system. O2SenseLite, oxygen sensor signal modifier, is a device used to keep your MIL from coming on when the catalytic converter is removed, but the oxygen sensors are kept installed. This is done by means of a passive circuit which modifies the signal from the oxygen sensor. This converts the signal from the oxygen sensor which is now indicating a zero-efficiency catalytic converter, to that of an oxygen sensor measuring a healthy catalytic converter. Thus, anyone wishing to race a post-1996 vehicle (with OBDII emission controls, and a downstream oxygen sensor remaining installed in the exhaust system) simply needs to install this device to alleviate all of the catalytic converter related OBDII problems.


Questions And Answeres

    • Can the device damage my vehicle?

    The device produces no current it only alters the signal sent to your cars computer!!!

    • How many mil eliminators will I need?
    Most vehicles have two O2 sensors, a front O2 sensor and a rear O2 sensor. The mil installs on the rear o2 sensor only. Some higher end vehicles have two rear O2 sensors you may want to check before purchasing to see if your vehicle may have two rear o2 sensors.
    • Can you tell the device is there once installed?

    The only way to tell the device is installed is if you were to check the wires leading to the o2 sensor.

    • What vehicles do the mil eliminators work on?

    All vehicles that are equipped with a OBD-II computer system

    • Do you have to re-install the o2 sensor once the mil is installed?

    It is recommended that you re-install the o2 sensor once installed but it is not necessary.


    Federal E.P.A. and individual state laws make it illegal to remove properly functioning OEM catalytic converters, and or emissions systems from vehicles, which are operated on public streets and highways.  As such, installations of Mountain-Mods Mil Eliminators are not legal for sale or installation on vehicles, which are operated on public streets and highways.

    Installation of these products is intended for legitimate off road use, motor sports competition applications only and where the required use of MIL eliminators or O2 Simulators is necessary to avoid possible setting a catalyst efficiency code, which will cause illumination of your vehicles' "Check Engine" light.  This is due to the inability of currently available after-market converters to emulate the exact operation of factory OEM converters in late model year OBDII emission monitoring/control system applications.


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